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“Conformity and obedience, …. Do what you’re told. Never get angry. Don’t ruffle any feathers. These are the internal messages that hold us back. We have to learn to form our own opinions and trust our own perceptions. Especially women. Without this, we have no ethical independence.” –  Sister Helen Prejean,  IN SWEET COMPANY: CONVERSATIONS WITH EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN ABOUT LIVING A SPIRITUAL LIFE

About once a week or so I get a list of “uplifting quotes” in my inbox from a well-meaning friend to brighten my day. These quotes are culled from the “quotee’s” writing or life experience, a compilation of good thoughts that offer varying degrees of insight or inspiration.

The last time I got one of these emails, i started thinking about what I might write were I to compose such a list. I jotted down a few ideas — not my definitive list, mind you, but a good start — to see where it might lead. It turned out to be an interesting exercise — sort of a lessons-learned, practices-I-still-want-to-continue kind of thing.

See what you think.

Stuff Margaret Thinks is Important

  • The only person I can change is myself. This, in and of itself, is a big job, so quit trying to change others and just put your money where your mouth is and get on with it. Oh yeah; and be a good example.
  • The longer I wait to change myself the more demanding it becomes and the longer it takes. Stop wasting time trying to convince yourself you don’t really need to change. If you want to get Real, do it now. And do it right.
  • Don’t stay afraid for too long. Tell yourself the Truth. Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Break that bugaboo down into manageable increments. Ask for help when you need it. You are more powerful than you know.
  • Just because you have a brilliant idea or something inspires you doesn’t mean it’s right to do. What’s mine will come to me if I exercise discernment, courage, and patience.
  • Pay attention! Listen to and act on your intuition. It knows more than you do.
  • Get a handle on your thoughts and feelings.
  • Think positive thoughts — about myself and others.  It builds my immune system and magnetizes desired outcomes.
  • Mistakes are just longer routes I take to get where I need to be.
  • Work is love in action. Serve others. Be a good steward of what’s been given you.
  • Holding grudges is an utter waste of time and energy.
  • “If only …” are the two worst words with which to begin a sentence.
  • Be kind. Forgive. Be really, really grateful.
  • Being present to others, to the world, to life, is more important than being perfect.
  • Never compromise your integrity. Never justify what you believe; just live it. The heck with what others think!
  • Anchor your life in a belief system that supports and nurtures you — something eternal, that stands the test of time; something universal that is inclusive and all-embracing.
  • Develop a personal relationship with the God of your heart.
  • Ask yourself this question whenever you get in a jam: “If I really believe that God is omnipresent, then what’s the problem?”
  • Be open to adventure. Give it your best shot, then trust in The Magic.

Your thoughts?

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