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“Conformity and obedience, …. Do what you’re told. Never get angry. Don’t ruffle any feathers. These are the internal messages that hold us back. We have to learn to form our own opinions and trust our own perceptions. Especially women. […]

 [ A prayer I’ve relied on for years is ] ‘Please God, let me see this through Your eyes.’ Even though I don’t necessarily believe in a God that has a human form, saying this opens me up to a […]

[My greatest accomplishment and the secret of my success is] ” … my relationship with God. It’s the root of the tree. Everything, everything, branches out from that.” — Gail Williamson, IN SWEET COMPANY: CONVERSATIONS WITH EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN ABOUT LIVING […]

 “… for me, spiritual practice is making the bed, defrosting dinner, and so on. It’s not magical or removed; it’s about how I discover and reveal myself as I do things that are ordinary.” — Miriam Polster, IN SWEET COMPANY: […]

” Having a personal relationship with [ God ] doesn’t mean you have to give up everything. But it does mean you must take more control over what you do with your life.” — Sri Daya Mata,  IN SWEET COMPANY: […]

“When I share my stories, something meaningful occurs for everyone involved. Closer relationships, new ideas, the courage to take action in the midst of challenge — all this arises when we sit face to face with other human beings and […]

“Each generation has an obligation to those who come after them to live honorably. I am the ancestor of my great-great-grandchildren, so it is also important that I live in a way they will take comfort in.” — Le Ly […]

“Somewhere along the way … I figured out that there were essentially three ways I could handle challenges that came into my life: I could crumble. I could stay neutral, remove myself and not take ownership of the situation. Or […]

‘M back went outI was down for the count.Couldn’t walk, couldn’t sit.Pitched a real hissy fit!Laid in m’ bed, in mighty bad pain.Prayed me a prayer to be cool again.A friend of a friend came by to seeWhat in the […]