Inspiration Report

Inspiration Report

Further Thoughts on Friendship

The response to last week’s blog on Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King almost made me cry (see the comments). It’s so sweet to see so many people with precious, decade-spanning relationships.

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships since I wrote that last blog. You see, good friends set the bar for how we should treat one another and what defines a healthy relationship.

Good friends don’t tear you down; they lift you up. They are not a burden. Even through the toughest of times, it is a labor of love.


A good friendship doesn’t make one person a door mat or another person a savior. Instead, they foster strength and stability for both parties involved.

After hanging out with a good friend, you aren’t emotionally drained and tired. If anything, you feel energized, like you can take on the world.

These are just thoughts. I know for myself with my true friends, I don’t feel tense or ill at ease. I soak up every second of our time together and look forward to seeing them again. And oh yes, there is laughter – I mean the real stuff that throws your head back and comes deep from the belly and the heart.

Recognizing true friends in your life can bring to light the ones that aren’t so true. I hope you take some time to evaluate your friendships today. Embrace the ones that are life-affirming. Life’s too short for anything less.


  • Lori

    True friends are not only friends, but they are a part of your family. I have had my BBF since fifth grade and we have shared everything and still do!! We talk everyday and very seldom miss a day!! We have been there for each other with the death of parents, hard times and good times babies being born and major struggles!! I do not know what I would do without her, she rocks!!!

  • Jack Pearson

    ‘F’ is for FAMILY; hand picked, not born into;
    ‘R’ is for RESPECT; for feelings, attitudes, and choices made;
    ‘I’ is for IMPORTANCE; in order to savor life;
    ‘E’ is for ENDURANCE;ever thriving regardless of our transgressions;
    ‘N’ is for NEVER ALONE; regardless of the distance that separates us:
    ‘D’ is for DEDICATION;that unspoken commitment between kindred soles;
    ‘S’ is for STAND-UP; that rare selfless quality of never selling one another out; to which all who espouse being cut from worthy cloth lay claim, but so few ever possess.

  • sharrollene

    i agree to this agreement by submitting thank you

  • Gwen

    I must agree totally that I have shared friendships that surpass decades. I have friends that I’ve known since I was 5, and I’ll be 60 this year and I can say that even though we all have had many things to take up time in our lives, marriages, divorces, the births of children, the deaths of other friends we have all managed to maintain a level of friendship that has gotten us through many a lonely night and a sea of tears…..I love these people both male and female that I respect and that respect and love me enough to honor me with their friendship.

  • Lima

    A friend for me is someone that cry, laugh, cheer, support and never judge you no matter what. Is that person that is always there when you need to cry or laugh. I have been so bless to have a couple of those friends. They are a gift from God to my life and I pray every day for them and our friendship.

  • Jean

    A true FRIEND is one that you can share your deepest life secret,one that you can seek advice when you need it. A true friend can be miles away and someone you have not seen in years, yet that bond still remains the same. I think in life you may find one true close friend.

  • yuperz

    our friends are our guardian angels that we have chosen to walk with…we’ve attracted the friends we keep close because they are exactly what we need and crave for growth…ain’t no chance meeting in friendship…is truly a divine connection bestowed to us as a gift. true friends will defend our honor…remind us who we are even if we have forgotten…and pedastal us a bit higher than even we see ourselves. friends have the capacity to see our light, our essence and reflect it back on us…in this togetherness we soul shine so bright-bright! and like a movie that inspires…words with our buds unlock our magic and deeper truths to self…so go ahead and fly high with em!

  • Annette

    My true friends are those I am truly grateful to have in my life. Each one has a way of lifting my spirit when I’m feeling low. I have share many things with them (and they with me) individually and have never heard it repeated again, or by anyone else. A true friend at times might sense within their spirit when a friend is not the same, and not knowing the situation they are there to assist in whatever way needed. A true friend to me is an Angel sent by God who knows that without Him we cannot do anything, but with Him we can do all things. As for me I concern myself a friend to many, because in order to have a friend you must be one as well. I Thank God for being my friend, (because as the song writer wrote “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”)and for ceating our earthly friends.

  • Arlene

    I love this. Every relationship should be like this even between man and woman. if people truly loved each other this way maybe there wouldn’t be so much hatred in this world. I hope everyone I know sees this. it’s beautiful.

  • mrs.wetton

    Friends!I only have one real true friend which i can say for sure never will and have betrayed me,GOD.I would love to feel someday what it feels like to have a real true friend and im very glad to know it actually exist out there just guess i need to get out more and mingle huh?

  • linda ingle

    If you die with one or two good friends you died with more than most!

  • Dexter

    This is good stuff! As we age and get to know more about each other,God needs to be and should be at the center of the relationship.Since God is Love,we need him at the center of all things that means so much to us.

  • Dexter

    This is good stuff! As we age and get to know more about each other,we need God to be the center of our friendship. He should be and need to be the center of anything that means so much to us.

  • Carol

    Without true friendship I feel you have nobody that is why I mess my mother so very much because she was my true friend through thick and thin she knew me and knew me well and she was so much fun to speak with everyday of my life and then she went to the otherside of the curtain and left me alone and lonely.
    He sister who is ninety-nine (99) is so much like her in so many ways but she is just not the same she is wonderful but she is NOT my mother.
    I just realized how much I truely miss her in so many many ways and she has been on the otherside of curtain for over seven (7) years.

  • Lorraine

    Friends are the family we choose

  • Kelly

    The best freind is the one you know for sure without a doubt would NEVER do even one small thing to harm you in any way and by the time you reach an older age in a lifetime if you have one or even two of those kind of people in your life you are one fortunate person!!!

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