Inspiration Report

I love this website, The concept is so simple. It’s just people posting their daily intentions, and it’s very inspiring.

“To act compassionately and passionately in all areas of my life and toward all beings”

“Accept life as it is”

“I intend to get back into the gym after a three-week hiatus due to illness”

“To start dealing with my crippling fear”

I enjoy seeing people embrace a carpe diem attitude, and what better way to live every day on purpose than to start it with a plan of mental action.

I didn’t learn the power of my thoughts until I began training for a half-marathon last year. I realized quickly that believing I could run 13.1 miles was more than half the battle. With every Saturday morning that I found myself on the track, I knew I could do it before I took my first step. Let me tell you, it made all the difference.

Now, does a simple thought always ensure a perfect day? Not quite. I’ve had many days when I set out with the best of intentions and everything still fell apart. But that’s life. And I know that for at least a few moments that morning, my day was good.

So, what would you like to see happen today? Do you want to be happier or kinder to your family and co-workers? Then, like Nike, just do it. Start your day with the intention of making today better than yesterday. Who knows how far it will take you.

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