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Critics are abuzz with praise for Clink Eastwood’s newest film, ‘Hereafter,’ which just released in New York City on Friday. But I have to say, as much as I respect this actor and his moviemaking sensibilities, when I first saw […]

With part one of Harry Potter VII about to release in movie theater in November, we all have Harry Potter on the brain lately. (Or at least us fans do!) So one of my favorite little news clips I’ve come […]

‘Modern Family’ is perhaps the show I look forward to most every week (aside from ‘Glee’ of course), and last week’s episode, “Earthquake” was as hilarious as usual, and Jay, Gloria, and Manny took up the task of theology, too. […]

I’ve heard lots of ranting about how much people hated last Tuesday’s newest installment of ‘Glee.’ But I loved it. I thought they tackled belief, religious diversity, and being the lonely atheist among the many faithful with incredible sensitivity. It […]

During this Columbus Day weekend, discover the stunning crystal caverns of Mexico with National Geographic Channel.

“Glee” is finding faith this week when one character sees Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich.

“Blue Like Jazz” movie needs your help.

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture Passionistas A sitcom star gets real with high school kids, fans get a chance to bring home a bacon Kevin Bacon, and OK Go makes a video for the dogs-here are this week’s […]