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While the world talks of racy text messages and the Twitterverse jokes that those messages were intended for Brett Favre’s wife but were not surprisingly “intercepted,” Deanna Favre looks to a Bible verse she has taped to her fridge, Isaiah 41:10-13.

She took on a flurry of media today to help promote her new book, “The Cure for the Chronic Life,” but most reporters were more interested in the salacious accusations that her husband has yet to deny. It’s a tough situation, but this is one tough woman. In October 2004, Deanna Favre lost her 24-year-old brother in a freak accident and just eight days later learned she had breast cancer. She bravely honored her commitments to the media today and instead of dodging questions, she took the opportunity to highlight the importance of faith in her life.

She has previously given credit to prayer for helping Brett through addiction and strengthening their marriage. Through every challenge, heartache, struggle and scandal, Deanna Favre appears to remain strong and committed, not just to her husband, but to her faith. To her, this is all part of a bigger plan. There has been much talk of Randy Moss moving back to the Vikings and with their recent victory over the Dallas Cowboys, the team seems poised to go on another run. If they do, I might suggest that Favre — Deanna, not Brett — is deserving of the MVP.

(In the following video, Deanna Favre talks about handling life’s challenges.)

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