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October 2009 Archives

There’s a new software program out called Freedom and it’s the answer to my prayers: it blocks your computer from any and all internet use for upwards of eight hours per day. You may be thinking: but that’s crazy! If […]

When the Simpsons visit Israel early next year, look for their tour guide to be played by “Bruno”‘s Sacha Baron Cohen.

Watch the trailer to “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire.”

The World Series starts this week. “Yeah!” say the Yankee fans. “Yeah!” say the Phillie fans. “Dang,” say the Southern California fans, whose Dodgers and Angels both lost in the semi-finals. And, unfortunately, “Yawn” goes the rest of the country. […]

Oscar winner Paul Haggis is leaving Scientology over their opposition to Proposition 8 and because of the rift it caused in his family.

Do you love Edward Cullen? Can you not get enough of Robert Pattinson’s channeling of this vampire heartthrob? Or are you Team Jacob (boo!) and dream of Taylor Lautner at night? Well, lucky you: to gear up for the November […]

As if having one of the more creative titles wasn’t enough to fuel a ton of marketing, Dave Matthews and his “Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King” tunes have been showing up everywhere around me. And I’m lovin’ it. Dave […]

On “Glee,” Puck finds dating inspiration in the Jewish holiday of Simchas Torah.

I can count way too many JJ Abrams television shows in my repertoire of TV addictions both past and present, but with Felicity as his only exception (unless you count Noel as a guru of sorts–he was an RA after […]

The duo that became famous in the movie “Once” has a new album out called “Strict Joy.”