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Madonna: Judaism’s New Ambassador?

Madonna Isreal.jpgMadonna, is of course, perpetually associated with religious controversy. My particular favorite in her repertoire was her live performance of a woman on the cross from her 2006 Confessions Tour, while she sang “Live to Tell.” I even did a commentary about this performance and the extreme backlash to it on NPR’s All Things Considered, “Madonna’s Cross Raises Thorny Questions.”
I just came across a recent article about Madonna’s–or shall I call her, “Queen Esther”?–recent visits to Israel, “An Ambassador For Judaism”: Madonna, Kabbalah, and Religion in Israel” by Shalom Goldman. Goldman analyzes Madonna’s fascination with kabbalah and how it’s unclear what, exactly, this interest has to do with Judaism and Israel:


“Esther is Madonna’s adopted ‘Kabbalah name.’ Madonna’s (secular) Israeli fans have dubbed her “Queen Esther.” The star very adroitly returns her Israeli fans’ adoration. Some of the more kabbalistically literate of those fans have explained her Esther name as a “manifestation of the divine shekhinah.” On her September concert tour in Israel, Madonna was joined by one of the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center’s leaders, Rabbi Michael Berg…The oddity and irony of a visit to the Holy Land by a celebrity couple named Madonna and Jesus was lost on most of Madonna’s Israeli fans–as were the New Age connotations of Madonna’s energy references. And that Madonna is no longer cool among young American music listeners is a subtlety lost on Israeli and other foreign observers of American culture.”
Yes, yes, yes, I say to Goldman’s comments, all very interesting observations, especially the hilariously ironic name of Madonna’s current squeeze, perhaps save the assertion that Madonna “is no longer cool” among music listeners. I am still (relatively) young, and will always have a soft spot in my heart for Madonna. She always amazes me–her music, her transformations, her performance art, especially of the religious variety.

  • Stephanie Diede

    You Go Girl!! I am 44 yrs. of age and the older we get the closer God is. Madonna will always have Fans in My Or OUR generation watching and waiting to see what she will do next. I personally am very excited and happily blessed to see her exploring Religion especially THE TRIBE of JUDAH. The countdown to Jesus splitting the sky has already begun and we all mshould pay attention as 4 min. may be all the time we really have to save the world.

  • Shimon

    Exploring religion? More like exploiting religion. What will she do next? The most radical thing she could do is age gracefully without the pathetic spectacle of a 50 year-old trying to be 20.

  • Sarah

    Madonna has been active in the study of the Kabbalah for some time. The gentile study of the Kabbalah is an earthly thing. It is not Blessed of God. Madonna should not be misaligned with Judaism. She is not led by the Lord God Almighty in her study of the Kabbalah. When God chooses someone to Teach and Guide in the Ways of the Kabbalah, He chooses them at a very young age. They are Called just as the Prophets of the Old Testament were Called. Do not taint the Blessings of the Almighty, Given to the physical nation of Israel by aligning with people like Madonna. She may be a very nice person, but she is not one of the Chosen. She chose Fame at a very young age, rather than Following her Lord and Savior, Yeshua.
    Love Always and God Bless!

  • Harrietb98

    Since we had Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, why not Madonna?

  • Esther Abizdris

    Sorry Sarah G-d does not lead people to study at an earlier age. You have just displayed a lack of knowledge on proper Kabbalah right there.
    The religious study of Kabbalah was not allow under the age of 40.
    You are right, it has now in some parts of the world been used by the Gentile population as well as the Jewish.
    However you are right on one thing in my opinion. Madonna is NO ADMASSADOR FOR JUDIASISM just because she has taken an interest in Kabbalah. It is one very small branch in a very large tree.
    She is an insult to those who practise Judiasiam every day of their lives in some format, whether that be Reform; Convers or Orthodox Judisiam.
    When are we all going to STOP BEING SO OBSESSED WITH THE LIVES OF SINGERS AND MOVIE STARS and start looking at our own inner and spiriutal worlds to see each day where we can improve our relationship we all those in the world along with our Creator in Heaven.

  • Your Name

    “Madonna” (real name Louis Ciccone), is nothing more than a media creation, an over-hyped talentless has been. She wrote a graphic book titled “Sex,” dipicting extremely gross and disgusting images. How incredibly pathetic and completely debasing that she is now being portrayed as some sort of “Judaic Ambassador.” I never knew that a women who changes sex-partners as often as she changes her socks was to be respected. I never knew that whores were to be admired. She is inherently the very definition of a self-serving, ego-centirc narcissist. Please, do not insult the seriousness of the Holy Kabbala, as this charlatan has absolutely nothing to do with any type of serious Judaic study. If this woman is an example of someone who now serves as some sort of Jewish role model, then G-d help us all.

  • Joseph C. Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

    It is disgusting, the adulation accorded to pop stars for their obscene and sometimes sacrilegious performances. Madonna is an insult to, at least. two religions.

  • Donald Wolberg

    It seems to me that Jews have had a confused history of who is “acceptable” and who is not as some variation of self-designated “Jewishness” or not. The late Lion of Judah, a feisty and heroic man, was never accepted as Jewish in any way, althougth many other corageous Ethiopians calling themselves Jews were finally welcomed to Israel. Spinoza was excommunicated and set adrift in a very hostile non-Jewish world for pantheistic notions, although Albert Einstein or Robert Oppenheimer, much less the theists than Spinoza. Einstein was offerred the presidency of Israel. In the entertainment world, the mocking Jewish routines of a Jerry Lewis and others were accepted, as was the self-designated Jewishness of Sammy Davis, Jr., while some find fault with Madonna, a very talented lady because she calls her “spiritual self” Esther.
    In a world where Israel faces the threat of destruction by the Iranian loonies likely soon to be able to actually able to carry out the threat, concern about Esther (Madonna) seems less than significant.

  • Ariel

    We are all stewards of ourselves. We have blessings of our ancesters but how do we think we justify those blessings when we’re filled with hate and discrimination? Time hasn’t stopped, God is still watching. Don’t judge lest you want to be judged, or condemn unless you want to be condemned. We are all blood of Adam and Eve, and after that our blessings or cursings we earn. God bless Madonna in her pursuits. Her relationship with God may be much stronger than all the naysayers on here, and her place may be all ready set. The place a lot of you mean people are going to get in Heaven is all ready here on the earth – you are God to yourselves.

  • Ariel

    For the record I’m not a fan of Madonna’s. I also am not into Kaballah. I also don’t stand in the shoes of the father. If amazes me the people who claim to be followers of what is just, who are fueled by hate. That hate is what fuels others to hate you for their shallow stupid reasons. Wake up.

  • Your Name

    I am really getting annoyed these days that people think what Madonna is doing is really Kabbalah. Anyone who has truly studies real Kabbalah knows that what Madonna is doing is not it.

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