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July 2009 Archives

Madonna has been published in the Jewish paper Yediot Ahronot as an international correspondent. But is her writing any good?

Christian singer Todd Agnew speaks about joy and his new single, “Joy Unspeakable” off of the album “Need.”

A fun quiz on the religious lives of TV characters.

Derek Webb talks to Idol Chatter’s Paul O’Donnell about his album “Stockholm Syndrome” and the controversy around his song “What Matters More,” a scathing critique of how evangelical Christians approach homosexuality.

Madonna branches out into journalism, penning an essay for an Israeli newspaper about her spiritual awakening.

The new Fox reality show “More to Love” is a fresh take on “The Bachelor”–but I do have a few issues with it.

Watch the trailer for “G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra.”

A discussion of whether Jon Stewart should change his name back to his original, more Jewish birth name, Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.

Discovery Channel’s new post-apocalyptic reality show, “The Colony” is an intriguing mix of “Survivor” and the Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook–it’s intriguing, but I have my suspicions about the show.

Michael Vick, who was just released from jail after financing and hosting a dog fighting operation, will be given another chance to play for the NFL. Here’s why I’m going to pray for him and draft him onto my fantasy team.