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Admit it–you love “High School Musical.” In this video, get a behind the scenes peek of the hugely popular movie series, featuring interviews with cast members, producers, directors, and others who helped create the “HSM” franchise. embedVideo(1805534718);

The faith-based film Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron, is enjoying impressive advance ticket sales this week according to Harry Medved of Fandango. It is the story of a firefighter who finds that his most difficult challenge is finding a way to […]

An art festival called Prospect 1 New Orleans promoters call the largest exhibition ever held in the United States opens November 1st in New Orleans, and one of the largest exhibits, naturally, will be Noah’s Ark. Los Angeles-based artist Mark […]

Celebrity, whether in the political or entertainment sphere, usually means relinquishing control over the message of who you are and what you’re about. Members of the media smell a story and run with it, sometimes despite the truth of the […]

A little-seen 1933 film called “Gabriel Over the White House” has some themes that are particularly resonant in this time of unprecedented economic uncertainty and this historic Presidential campaign. Walter Houston (father of director John Huston and grandfather of actress […]

Who knew everyone’s favorite “Office” character was such a spiritual dude? Although Rainn Wilson is open about his Baha’i faith, he’s doing much more to spur discussion about religion and God. Wilson’s new venture, Soul Pancake, is a website he’s […]

In Bill Maher’s new movie “Religulous” he travels around the country to find out what makes people believe in religion. In this clip, the lapsed Catholic heads to confession for the first time in 40 years to confess to the […]

With Lindsay Lohan officially announcing that she’s been dating Samantha Ronson for “a very long time” and Clay Aiken (finally) coming out in his most recent feature story in People, it might be time to look at the week in […]

Yesterday Perez Hilton’s website revealed the new cover of People magazine in which Clay Aiken at long last tells America the obvious–he’s gay. As of Tuesday, the magazine only confirmed that Clay is on the cover with his newborn son, […]

Have you missed Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, and the rest of the ‘High School Musical’ gang? Well, they’re back and moving to the silver screen for the third installment of the huge hit franchise. Check out the trailer below and get […]