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When did the Little League World Series become such a pop culture phenomenon? And more importantly, why? There was a time when–once a year–the Little League World Series final was broadcast nationwide (and then worldwide) from Williamsport, PA. Now, it’s […]

“The Live of Others” won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film last year for its haunting but restrained depiction of life in East Berlin in the 1980s before the Berlin Wall crumbled. Yes, that means you have to deal […]

The season finale of “Big Love” is this Sunday (oh no!), and things are about to boil over for polygamist Bill Henrickson. His three wives are unhappy–with each other and him. Barb seems poised to leave (go Barb!), Nicki feels […]

We all have those television shows which serve us as utter escapism, which help us transcend our bodies and our daily lives. Often they even become true guilty pleasures worthy of repentance–that’s how guilty and self-indulgent they are. But some […]

Jon Voight Discusses “September Dawn” “September Dawn” tells a fictionalized version of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, in which a group of Mormons killed 120 innocent settlers who were passing through Utah in 1857. Voight plays Bishop Jacob Samuelson, the leader […]

With her ultra-coiffed platinum blond hair, naval-bearing fashion sense, and rock-star attitude, singer Gwen Stefani, at 37 years of age, is still one hot mama on the concert circuit. She’s got the rocker husband (Gavin Rossdale), the hippest accesory in […]

If you’re a “Lost” junkie like me, you’re probably wondering how on earth you can possibly hold out until the next season begins in February. Fear not–you can join Beliefnet’s new dialogue group to talk about religious themes on our […]

Ever wonder how magic really works? Not just the “how to’s” of performing a trick, but why we humans are so susceptible to believing we see the impossible? Well, George Johnson of The New York Times reports that scientists are […]

Watch a video clip from “10 Questions for the Dalai Lama,” a new documentary by filmmaker Rick Ray, opening August 31. Ray traveled to India to interview His Holiness, only to find out he didn’t have an interview scheduled. Ray […]

One of the year’s most anticipated Christian albums is set to hit stores August 28th–“The Altar and the Door”–by top-selling worship band, Casting Crowns. Beliefnet has five autographed copies of the album to give away. To enter, just post a […]