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Rilo Kiley seems like a weird choice for burn-or-burn scrutiny: Nobody from the band has publicly claimed to be religious, and they’re kind of potty-mouthed. But band member Jenny Lewis’ solo album, last year’s “Rabbit Fur Coat,” was mostly about […]

Owen Wilson, star of “The Wedding Crashers” as well as every Ben Stiller movie ever created and bona fide member of what some have dubbed “The Frat Pack,” was rushed to the hospital via ambulance on Sunday. The Star and […]

The speed at which a goofed statement can become national news reached new heights this weekend, as Miss South Carolina, Caitlin Upton, flubbed a question so badly at Friday’s Miss Teen USA pageant that it was a YouTube phenomenon over […]

Here’s some amazing news from Hollywood: a young actress is emerging as a star and she hasn’t—repeat has not—been arrested…

There’s this reality show in which 12-15 year olds are sent out to a remote location to use their survival skills to win physical and mental challenges, expel other contestants, and work toward winning a grand prize. You could be […]

You can’t escape from Michael Vick in the media these days. Since initial allegations rose a few months ago accusing the Atlanta Falcolns quaterback of participating in dogfighting. Now the state of Georgia is pressing criminal charges, and the NFL […]

And the newest televangelist is … Prince! Okay, not really. In fact, he’s really just a pop culture icon and singer who talks about his faith. And, okay, there’s probably quite a few religious leaders who would question his theology. […]

“O Jerusalem,” the story of a Jewish-Arab friendship as the State of Israel is coming into being, opens in theaters in October. Watch the trailer, exclusively premiering on Beliefnet: Click to Launch Trailer Synopsis “O Jerusalem” re-creates the struggle surrounding […]

A group of religious fanatics led by a bloodthirsty leader who preaches the violence of “blood atonement” ruthlessly murders a group of peaceful travelers. This, in a sentence, is the plot of “September Dawn”, starring Jon Voight and opening Aug. […]

Their last two studio albums were platinum sellers and the Christian world–as well as many in the pop culture world–have been anxiously awaiting the newest Casting Crowns release, “The Altar and the Door.” An opportunity to win a pre-release copy […]