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Turning Points for Lindsay, Britney, Paris?

posted by Douglas Howe

Lindsay Lohan was arrested again and is back in rehab. Britney Spears is blogging theology and confessions. Paris Hilton is talking about how much she dreads her upcoming jail sentence. Who decided that these women’s tales were newsworthy?

I hope that someday in the near future, the party girls that the tabloids love and the networks exploit will be able to step forward and give a little bit of productive guidance, or something redeeming. As the father of three girls, I just don’t see anything else these ladies have done that’s worthy of the non-stop coverage.

My heart goes out to them, though.

Yesterday, the tide may have started to turn, as Britney posted some thoughts on her website, saying she “truly hit rock bottom” and calling rehab a “very humbling place.”

“I was like a bad kid running around with ADD,” the 25-year-old pop star writes about her adventures partying with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan after she filed for divorce, which of course, came just two months after giving birth to their second child, Jayden James.

“I had a manager from a long time ago come in and try to direct me and my life after I got my divorce,” Spears also wrote. “I was so overwhelmed I think that I was in a little shock too. I didn’t know who to go to.”

I disagree with her comment that “I think it is actually normal for a young girl to go out after a huge divorce,” because the only thing that made it “huge” was the false sense of big-ness our society gives to someone who can sing or show up in a video. But I respect her candor in confessing “a lot of insecurities from when I was little are coming up again; it’s like we are never good enough… I am only human people and I love you for still loving me.”

She closes her blog by theologizing: “We will never really understand or figure out life completely. That’s God’s job.”

As for Lindsay, the young actress is back in rehab and is also volunteering with an outstanding organization called “Teen Challenge.” She has a chance to grow a bit and share the beginnings of something redeeming when the time comes. Outside of God’s grace and prayers from those who love her, I don’t hold out hope for Paris doing the same, but who knows, she’s making an effort, and God is capable of much more grace and spiritual power than anyone of us or our media.

But someday, someone will answer me as to who it was that decided these young, immature and hurting ladies deserve the cultural pulpit? It’s obviously not bringing peace or fulfillment for them.

I think we ought to all say a prayer for each of them but tune out the television and print news of their latest exploits.

  • http://HASH(0xfde0d48) M. Wayne

    Well said, my friend. Excellent article.I’m happy to know there is one writer / reporter / photographer who is willing and kind enough to take a few steps back, and really take a longer look at what is going on with these new-era “Pop Tarts”.Someone who is not part of the traveling circus, or, in some way, making money off of a childs personal problems. In my opinion, someone needs to say “No!”, and then stand firm, despite the repercussions. It’s very hard to do that in “Hollywood”, I’m afraid. Perhaps,…there is a grand plan to all of this craziness?I hope and pray for this to be so.I’ve even gone as far as to ask my angels to chat with their angels to see if there isn’t some way to inject Gods wisdom into their lives without harming them physically.Nobody wants another Anna Nicole.Again, thank you for your thoughts.They were gentle and eloquent. A far cry from what is usually published about this topic. Best, M. Wayne

  • michelle

    I think most of us in society have a tendency to think just because most people who are famous are not human beings first. I think a lot of us need to step back and stop standing in judgement of these young people. Instead allow them to make mistakes and to find out who they are as humun beings. I think that they even with all the fame and fortune; they are also intitled to a private and a loving and secure life as much as we are. As we have seen,the media won’t even let them piss in private let alone cry or have any kind of normalcy with out a camara in their faces.

  • Linda

    u are cool

  • irene

    I want to tell you young ladies(Britney,Lindsay and even Paris). Regardless of the fact you ladies have money and have everything you ladies ever think about. But one thing I believe you all had to grow up too fast before you could get the partying and drugs out of your system. Put I also believe you ladies can do what is right for your sake and your fans. Hopefully you realize this before things get any worse then they already have. Who cares if (Bit.)if you don`t wear any panties, try wearing thongs while being in public. (Lindsay)So far i believe you are doing good in staying sober. Good job!Keep working on it. I was around it all my life, 3 kids and being 33 years old and married for 16 years old, I`ve never taken a drink. Paris, How about a little less partying and try your best to look forward in settling down. All of you ladies can have fun without drugs or drinking. I believe in you ladies. I am one of your biggest fans, my daughter is too. We would love to get pictures from you all. All you can do is believe in yourselves. may god bless you all. Thanks for listening!!

  • anthea

    Hey I’m a grade 12 student and I’m doing an assignment on celebrity representations and discourses etc. I was extremely pleased to find this page and see a reporter/writer who was able to go against the norm and in some ways support the celebrity. You aren’t just straight off judging them, you have thought about it, then used facts to give your opinion. I now have an alternative represenation to put into my assesment. thankyou

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