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With a possibly prophetic word of warning last week, Michael Lohan, dad to wild child Lindsay Lohan, spoke to the London tabloid The Mirror about his daughter’s struggles with substance abuse. Now that Lindsay checked herself back into rehab after her latest crisis–in which she crashed her car and was charged with suspicion of driving under the influence–maybe the troubled starlet will finally listen to Dad’s advice, learn from his mistakes, and find religion in the process.

Michael Lohan, who has served one jail sentence for fraud and another for drunken driving, took an online course while in prison to be certified–but not ordained–by the Assemblies of God denomination and has been devoting himself to ministry since he was released from prison earlier this year. Lohan now works with actor Stephen Baldwin running a Christian-based teen rehab program called “Teen Challenge” and told the Mirror that Lindsay is wasting “the gifts God gave her” and insisted that he can “help her in a lot of ways.”

While Daddy Lohan might want to take a little more time making sure his own life changes actually stick before he tries to fix his daughter’s woes, at least the younger Lohan knows of another treatment program she can try if her current stint at the Promises treatment center doesn’t work out. But if Lindsay does some jail time for her latest transgressions , she might have the option to room with on-again, off-again party pal Paris who might even lend Lindsay her Bible.

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