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The Real Tragedy of Anna Nicole Smith’s Death (and Life)

Yesterday’s tragic news of the death of model/Playmate/reality star Anna Nicole Smith, after being found unconscious in a Florida hotel room, was shocking, and yet, at the same time, oddly not completely surprising. From her days as a stripper in Texas to her marriage to an elderly oil billioniaire, her rags-to-riches life story often seemed stranger than fiction. There was not only her long court battle with one of her deceased husband’s children to obtain part of his fortune, but also her bizarre reality series on E!, and more recently, her only son’s death, shortly after the birth of her baby a few months ago.


As her personal trials and tribulations played out in the media over the last decade amidst the tabloid rumors and late-night parodies, I was reasonably certain of only one thing about Anna Nicole’s life: She had no one around her who truly cared about what was best for her personally. While estranged from her mother and other family members, she still had an entourage–including her lover and lawyer Howard K. Stern–to keep her company. Yet I always believed that real friends, not to mention family, would not let someone they loved be exploited in the way she obviously was, as she staggered and slurred her way through “The Anna Nicole Show,” or any number of other public appearances, for that matter. They would have gotten her the professional help she clearly needed. They would have protected her from those who wished to prey on her assests–financial and other. Instead, it seemed that perhaps a few of them were the ones doing the preying.


Now that she has died suddenly at only 39 years of age, her legacy will not be her beauty–however ostentatious–or the wealth she fought so hard for. And I am guessing no one will be extolling her virtues as a mother. Her life has gone from being a punch line in a comedic monologe to simply becoming another cautionary tale that the material trappings of this world are ultimately futile and meaningless. And sadly, it’s a tale that will probably be soon forgotten, as the media becomes fascinated with the next moral trainwreck in celebritydom.

  • http://HASH(0xfdb4ce8) Valarie

    I believe that Anna Nicole led a very sad life. Her only ray of light was her son Daniel. Once Daniel was gone, that light was also gone. She had Dannilyn but I don’t think that was enough. I also think that she had a very strong personality and if anyone did try to intervene to get her help, she put a stop to it. No matter how much you want to help someone, they have to want the help. So I think in this case that is how it went. As for her mother trying to get custody of the baby, that is CRAZY!!! Anna Nicole despised her mother. I hope that the DNA proves the Stern is the babies father, optherwise it really will end up a very sad, tragic story not only of Anna Nicole but of her surviving child.

  • http://HASH(0xfdb55f4) Barbara D Waller

    You die the way you live and I think that we are spending to much time thinking about her death. The only person that I feel for is her child that is what people should be concern for she was not asked to be born. She was a very selfish person she only thought about her self not that baby. If she was trying to be a mother to her child maybe she would be her Know.They should let the mother get the child till all this clears up you can not keep someone away from thier family. If she is willing let her be that grandmother to the child

  • http://HASH(0xfdb6b6c) Crystal

    I am very sad for Anna Nicole Smith. I get tired of people bad mouthing her. Anna Nicole might not have always made the best choices, but she did do alot. I think her mother had alot to do with her problems and I really could not see any genuine hurt or saddness in her mother’s face when she spoke on national tv regarding her daughter and a true from the heart mother would never, ever have said what her mother said. NO MATTER WHAT. I hope Anna Nicole rests in peace and I hope her little daughter inherits every penny of the money Anna Nicole was to inherit from her deceased husband. Leave Anna Alone, let her rest in peace and give the girl some credit…she went after what she wanted and more power to her.

  • http://HASH(0xfdb7954) ani

    anna nicole gave up on herself once her son pass away .it is so sad that she didnt get help for herself .now there is a child without a dad or mother .and every one wants to fight over money or her daughter.i just hope and pray that every one in this world make up with there family member before we leave this place life is to short to hang on to bad karma .so let us pray for anna and her family amen……

  • http://HASH(0xfdb85ec) Penny

    I feel very sorry for her – she was a lost person and really needed guidance but I guess received none-too many wanted to exploit her and make money – My hope is that her daughter really is the daughter of her late husband Mr. Marshall from frozen sperm and that attorney Howard K. Stern does not benefit from anything of her estate – I just don’t trust this guy at all given rumors he was seen flushing methadone down the toilet when her son passed – what is he trying to do anyway???

  • http://HASH(0xfdb980c) ana

    STOP JUDGING! Let the lady rest in peace. May the peace she never found in this life be hers in the next. Her life was cut short. Who knows what heartache she lived through? Who knows how deep her wounds were? God be merciful unto Anna Nichole and Bless her child. We pray she may go to those that will truly nurture and love her.

  • http://HASH(0xfdb9ac4) Melinda Hanley

    I feel so bad for anna’s baby, she will have to grow up without her mother. I think anna’s death is a real tragedy. And, i always thought it was very unfair of the tabloids and media to make fun of her and spread lies about her. Did they even really know who she was? I just hope for the lies and rumors to stop, now that she is gone. I wish the best for her baby and anyone who was there for her and those that are suffering now that she is gone.

  • http://HASH(0xfdba854) Susan

    Anna Nicole’s death is a tragedy. Sadder yet are the tragic circumstances surrounding her death as her daughter will never know her mother never know her smile never know how she felt as a mother to her only daughter. Howard K. Stern needs to stand back and do what is right by Anna Nicole as she would never want all of this fodder. If he truly cared and loved Anna Nicole he would have stepped in a long time ago and would never have allowed her to behave and conduct herself in the manner that she has for the last few years. Yes, she may have been a strong personality and would have fought the entire way as well as slapped him around, however, treatment would have been the only answer for Anna Nicole. Had she have lived and gone thru treatment she would have thanked whomever made certain that she followed thru on the program. Sadder yet, is Howard knows the situation involving the death of Daniel and should be ashamed of himself. He is the epitome of a gold digger and will worm his way in to any cash cow he can find to best suit his own personal and selfish needs. I will pray for the physical and emotional health of DannieLynn as she will need all the prayers she can get in order to have a life free of the press and those out to get the better of her. I pray that someone with a lot of decency will protect this child from all of the gold diggers in the world. Rest in peace Anna Nicole!

  • http://HASH(0xfdbb684) Karen

    God bless all involved, esp her baby girl. May she rest in peace. I was saddened. Do not judge others. K*



  • http://HASH(0xfdbcec8) sarah

    the way anna nicole lived her life was her way,wrong or right it was her life! and the way we as her public treated her … i respected anna in just about everything she did again right or wrong it was her way no one was going to change that. losing the most important thing in her life,her son daniel, really did her in even her new baby girl couldnt pull her threw losing him. anna made a prdiction once, her life was like marolyn monroes,and shed prbally die like her…. she was soon



  • http://HASH(0xfdb6b60) sarah

    a comment about all the gold digger wanna be fathers of anna nicoles daughters get a life. anna nicoles gone cant we just leave the poor woman alone enough of who and who not she slept with. who cares let her rest in pease. i hope her bilonair husband is proven the father of dannielynn…then where will you gold diggers be

  • http://HASH(0xfdbe4e0) D-Rag

    Dear Mr. Rasmussen, I do believe we are all entitled to our opinions, but i don’t believe we have the right to judge others based on the information we get from the media. Who are you to say that her death was not surprising??? In a way, almost saying she deserved it. You never saw what happened behind the television cameras, you weren’t her close friend, you weren’t a sibling or anything else that was close to her…hell, you weren’t even close to the rugs she walked on. Who are you to judge???? You don’t know if she was a good or a bad mother, you know nothing of her, really. So, before you go preaching about someone else’s lifestyle and how it earned him or her death, i would suggest you get the truth and not make childish assumptions. Anna Nicole Smith, no matter how she lived her life, was a human being. And no one, no mattter how “good” or “bad” of a person they are, deserves to die. Get the facts, not the media-peddled crap; you’ve been watching to much Entertainment Tonight.

  • paul

    too bad she listened to her moron doctors too. they put her on too many pills which probably made her even more depressed. after my mom died in my arms i got severely depressed and schizo. now right diet and great liquid vitamin im getting back to normal. the doctors put me on every med there is. just made me fell worse. u can say meds help i say bullshit ive done them. they just make u numb and dumb. yeah u might not herself but u really enjoying life feeling sleepy and in a coma all day. not to mention all the sexual side affects. the key is diet and exercise and a great liquid vitamin antioxidant. the problem the doctors overlook is this. like me doctors say i have a chemical imbalance. i say bullshit again. i figured out it is the poisons built up ih the brain that causes problems. u want to get rid of poisons not use meds to cover them up. grape seed extract is the best thing on the market ive found to clean out toxins. go ahead and doubt me doctors or shrinks. go ahead i know are body isnt designed for foreign chemicals. like god intended we supposed to eat natural things not synethized meds from nature that comtaminate mind and body maybe soul too. ive been through 11 years of mental hell before i realized meds nowadays r for maintainance only. diet can cure almost any disease. eliminate sugar and fat and alchohol and walk some u will notice difference. thank you goddog

  • http://HASH(0xfdc0fb8) Yvonne L. Anderson

    I heard about Anna Nicole Smith while I was shopping and my sister called me on my cell and told me of her passing. I went to my car and sat inside and prayed for her soul. I even had tears in my eyes. I prayed many times for her that day and I still pray for her and many others that are on my prayer list. I know that she had been ill with pneumonia after her baby girl was born and after her beloved son died. I know that she was badly depressed after her son died. She may have had the type of depression that many women get after giving birth as well. She had a lot on her shoulders those days after her baby girl was born.I feel she loved both her children very very much but I feel she was also taken advantage of in her short life. How I wish she had more of the kinds of people around her to help her in the way she really needed it. I feel she really loved her elderly husband and she was telling the truth when she said he treated her the way no one else ever has and loved her the way no one ever has. He respected her and her son and she loved and respected him for it. She had her ups and downs. I pray that her tiny daughter Dannielynn will get the proper care and the great love she will need while growing up and that no one will keep her from knowing about her mother and brother. They loved her. I also pray that with supervision she will be able to have visits with her mother’s side of the family and her father’s side if it is at all possible. Dannielynn Hope is so very young to have all this in her life. Let’s all pray for her and her mother and brother and may our Lord Jesus Christ guide Dannielynn Hope throughout her life. She has a beautiful name. I, for one, will not judge Anna Nicole. I feel very deeply of her passing. May she always have peace and be with God.

  • http://HASH(0xfdc1c98) Dee Douglas

    All I want to know is: What was the Methrodone doing in the frig??? I think both Anna and Daniel were on drugs…. so sad…..I also believe she didn’t lose all that weight on Trim-Spa, I don’t care what anyone says…. I believe she lost over a 100 pds. and not from Trim-Spa…. I think it was from the drugs….she wasn’t eating… I’ve been on diet pills when I was in my 20’s and I know how good they make you feel and you don’t want to eat…. I now know the only way to take the weight off is to get in the gym, watch your diet and get plenty of sleep…. and finally, put God #1 in your life—works for me!!!!!!

  • http://HASH(0xfdc1e30) kat

    May G-D bless and keep VICKIE LYNN(anna Nicole)and guide the terrible custody battle to ensue over this little soul that was brought here from heaven. NO ONE! can judge her or anyone else. Look into ones own soul and care for that. I admit,I myself occasionally watched her “stumble and slur” her way thru a T.V(?)show. My heart hurt for her then, and hurts for how she left this earth. You don’t have to KNOW someone to FEEL for their hurt which obviously went WAY back. IF ones life had similar pain? you can see this. Just a misplaced Texan

  • http://HASH(0xfdc36ac) gail

    i will hope and pray for that tiny little soul,danielyn whoever is her father; i hope he will let her mother live on through her, may she be shelter from the negative and unkind things people say about her mother. “ye without sin cast the 1st stone”. i wish for her peace and the grace that only our father in heaven can give us.. god bless here

  • http://HASH(0xfdc38a4) Dorothy

    This is a terrible tragedy. It seems that so much of life on this earth is void of meaningful things. A lot of the world worships sex, money and anything money can by. I too believe that after her son died, she lost reason to care. But, all of these lovers — the men that are now proud that they might be the Father of her little girl. Besides being so loose and easy about what they call – love — I wonder if they ever thought of aids. True happiness cannot come from sex, drugs or material thngs. Look how many people have been “done in” by these. To know the love of God is a wonderful thing. It changes your way of thinking. The world would be a greater place for humankind if people would only know and listen to God.

  • http://HASH(0xfdc4734) REV MARVIN E PURSER JR

    Nicole, like Marilyn and many others run down the thread of people who were denied adequate parental nurturing, found a niche to crawl into, and was consumed by it; a niche where proper parental nurturing would have helped to make wiser choices in life.”God first, the other fellow second, and myself last” as a parental benchmark would have helped.

  • http://HASH(0xfdc55d0) Dani

    May Anna RIP.I pray for her and her little girl. It blows my mind that some people can throw stones when they live in a glass house.She is with her son,she is at peace.The only reason why so many are fighting for the DNA about her daughter is money.How sad is that? What a sad world we live in.

  • http://HASH(0xfdc68b0) kevin

    I prayed for Anna Nicole Smith when she lost her son.She lost and lonely like many celebs.The tabloids and media in general didnt treat her very well and that was not good.She will be happy where shes at and will be at peace. Kevin

  • http://HASH(0xfdc6a78) Barb Friebel

    It is so sad to see such a physically beautiful person go through such an out of control life and then have it play out before the world. I pray her surviving child is given the tools as she grows to become a wise, mature adult and I pray for all who loved Anna Nicole to be assured that she is at peace probably for the first time in her short life. As we all know drugs kill and it only is a matter of time when. A dysfunctional celebrity, as we all know, ends up a media circus.

  • http://HASH(0xfdc8318) TJ

    I feel that she most diffently would want her burial by her son. I myself lost a child at 19 and due to a marriage he had quickly jumped into did not have a say as to where he went to lay his head. I wanted him on my plots but did not happen as I was in a position that I did not have the legal right. I also understand Anna Nichole’s mother as being the one that has gone thru this. But I do think that under the circumstances of Anna Nichole that she should be laid to rest next to her son soon. This has gone on and on and that is not the normal trail of life even though she did not have a really normal life. She did what she could to make money as they all were living off of her. I pray everday for the end of all of this so her body can lay in peace. God Bless you Anna Nichole Smith.

  • http://HASH(0xfdc85d0) BillieLynn

    I am very sorry about the tragic loss of Ms. Smith and her family. I know from personal experience that living in lots of comforts it can unfortunately be easy to accidently take your own life. I think its kind of sad that Americans put so much stock into sexuality and could only get to really know her after she has died. Kind of looks like vultures after the kill. But I’m sure she served Gods purpose and I hope all of us can see that. God bless AnnaNicole, or VickieLynn and her family. BillieLynn Holt. Rochester, NY

  • http://HASH(0xfdc9874) missy

    I was very sorry to hear about anna nicole. I watched her show sometimes, I really think that Howard Stern would do anything for her and her son, and baby girl.I hope that Howard gets custody of the baby. I think Anna died from a broken heart to I think she was in so much pain from a lot of things, probably only Howard Stern knew. good luck Howard and rest in peace Anna Nicole Smith.

  • Maria

    Yes it is sure sad to see the stages name {Anna Nicole Smith} Vickie Lynn Smith and her son Daniel Smith gone.
    but also sad for her mother Vergie too.
    she the one try to reach her through the News and warn her about the kind of people she hang out with and she will be next.
    the result was there in few months later Vickie was really gone.
    hope that Vergie should be the rights to have share custody of Danielynn to just to make sure that Danielynn is safe and not be around wrong people just like Vickie that she hang around wrong people in her life. Larry don’t bother to just to make sure.
    it is natural for all Grandparents to respond to their grandchild to be safe.

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