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Movie Land has been barren of late, at least when it comes to shiny, happy romantic comedies, which are my favorite kind. I can appreciate intensity, drama, and depressing stories. But sometimes I’d just rather not. And during the pre-Christmas weeks all I had to feed the romance appetite was “The Holiday”–a weak appetizer at best.

Because I Said So,” starring Diane Keaton, Lauren Graham (“Gilmore Girls”), and Mandy Moore, is at least as substantial as a decent lunch. Is it cliché? Yes. Is it predictable? Yes. But it’s hard to resist Diane Keaton in any role, including an occasionally teary but always good-hearted mother who meddles endlessly in her last single daughter Minny’s (Moore) life.

Married life plays the role of heaven in this flick, and Keaton its divine arbiter. No matter what Mom tries–set-ups, sly introductions, and even a horridly embarrassing online scheme in which she vets potential suitors–Mom can’t seem to get daughter Minny to ascend to heaven’s gate, where lifelong companionship and children await her. Cue the predictable–and not just one, but three new potential husbands walk into their lives.

Regardless of the caliber of “Because I Said So” as a film, it’s nice to see Mandy Moore showing up among such an all-star female cast. She had me sold with her starring performance in the fantastic, Christian high school spoof “Saved.” Though Moore’s reputation for only taking “squeaky clean” family values (a.k.a., Christian-friendly) roles is no more, since “Because I Said So” has her hopping in and out of bed with all sorts of folks, no ring required.

For those seeking anything to fill the well-gone-dry of simply fun movies, “Because I Said So” will do, and Mom’s determination to take fate into her own hands will surely provoke at least a few laughs and maybe a few tears, too.

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