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What is it we want most in life?

Good Health, Happiness, Peace of Mind, Family, Relationships, Career, Success, Fame, Fortune, Travel, Time in Nature, Making a Difference, Saving the Planet, Ending Poverty and Hunger, etc.

How often do we focus our attention on, “I want to know God in my life?”  What Infinite Power is behind all of the material and physical gifts we are given?  What incredible intelligence created this?

Without God’s love in our heart and a sincere and conscious relationship with The Source, isn’t something missing?

How complete can our lives be without finding and connecting to The SOURCE of all life?  After all, where did all of us and everything on this planet come from?

Life is miraculous – look at the world and all its splendor.  Watch a baby being born.
See the dawn of a new day.  How could this Magnificent earth, with over seven billion spiritual beings and incredible, diverse forms of life and nature not be the work of a Divine Being and a Higher Power?

“I Am That I Am.”

What is my purpose for being here?
What is the meaning of life?
How does everything work?
Why do people fight so much, love so much and do the crazy things people do?

Do you sincerely want to know or are you focused on survival, making a living, having a job, career, family, etc.?

Deep down I always felt something was missing.  I felt unworthy, scared and confused.
On the surface I put on a good show like most other people.
Can you relate to this?  Be honest now.

Are you fulfilled in your life?
Are you happy and at peace in your heart?
Are you free from worry, stress, health issues and financial pressures?
Are you insecure, do you have fears like whatever you have could be taken away?
Are you and your relationships healthy and unconditionally loving?

Why are you doing it the hard way by yourself?
How often do you sincerely welcome God into your heart, home and business?
Are you truly looking and listening for God in your heart?
Do you talk to him on a regular basis?

The Old and New Testaments agree on the fact it requires 100% faith to enter the Kingdom – the faith of a child, 100% sincerity.  Anytime our burden is too heavy and we need help, we are to call on God and The Christ and turn our worries, troubles and pain over to The Creator of the World and His son.

It’s a simple requirement to live an awakened life in the Kingdom.  Have 100% faith and turn our problems over to God and ask for His help.  It’s so simple, most people miss it.  Free will allows us to do it our way or God’s way.  God loves us unconditionally and allows us to make free choices no matter how much harm we create from our ego/mind.  Our choices have consequences and anything negative from of our own vain imaginings is our creation – not God’s.

Why not start your own conversation with God?  Ask God for help with all your challenges.  Give him your pain.  Discover true peace, health and abundance.  Have total faith in God and turn over your fear, worry and problems to a Higher Power and watch your life transform.

God is our pilot, He is our truest friend, after all God has been with us every moment of our life and is right now…..whether we acknowledge it or not.  The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God!



Join the conversation…..find your way to the Kingdom.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

Inspired by the Infinite & Higher Power, Roy Eugene Davis, Yogananda and a special contribution by Dr. Henry Lieberman, my wife, Denise and son, Denny.  They are the wind beneath my wings.






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