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”If a man would move the world, he must first move himself.”      Socrates

You can’t move the world without moving yourself first.  So don’t waste a lot of your time and energy talking about doing it, just do it.  You are more likely to accomplish something when you don’t tell people you are going to do it.

Transformation always starts within.  If you want something to improve, it starts with you.  If you want better relationships, start being a better relater yourself.

Communication and transformation is an inside game.  It all happens inside first.  If you are waiting for the other people in your life to improve, it is a waste of your energy. 

For things to change you must change so start now and be an example.

Life is precious, so make yours the best possible.
After all, your world is in your hands.

Have a Magnificent Day!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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