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Here’s the second installment of our Cooking with Christian Music weekly feature: a quick and easy recipe forTeriyaki Steak & Brown Rice from NFL Superbowl Champ new recording artist Ben Utecht (tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals) and his wife, […]

If the finale of American Idol has left you feeling empty and confused about what to do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, or if the final word on the results still doesn’t settle the question of who really won this […]

USA Today reports that while in fact a handful of AT&T employees did bring cell phones to parties celebrating American Idol’s Kris Allen, even if there was voting going on it wouldn’t have made a difference in the outcome of […]

For the past week, Adam Lambert fans have been, if I can be honest, acting like very sore losers over last week’s win by Kris Allen on season of American Idol. They’ve been complaining that viewers who cast votes for […]

American Idol winner Kris Allen will perform today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. If you can’t catch the show, here’s a little preview video of Kris singing Heartless and the American Idol single, “No Boundaries.” It’s much better acoustic. If […]

Much has been made over the last few days about the surprise upset on season 8 of American Idol, when the aw, shucks guy next door Kris Allen beat out glam rocker Adam Lambert for the title of American Idol. […]

Welcome to the new feature on the Gospel Soundcheck blog, Cooking With Christian Music! While I was at GMA this past April, I got to talking to a couple of artists about recipes and cooking, and thought it would be […]

While I was in Nashville recently for Gospel Music Week, I got to talking with several artists about cooking. It was kind of an unusual topic to talk about during a week promoting music, but when I got home I […] reports that Basilio “Buz” Cua died Tuesday at the age of 90. Cua is the father of Christian music artist and industry professional, Rick Cua. Rick Cua will not be able to go home for the funeral; he’s having […]

Catch me tomorrow morning at 8:30 am eastern on WETN 88 radio’s Joy In The Morning, broadcasting from Wheaton College. We’ll be talking American Idol and Christianity. I think you can listen online at the WETN website. Check out my […]