Samson was a man addicted to his appetites of anger, lust, and self indulgence.   I got to visit his hometown last October.  Sadly Samson

died with so much undone.   In an incredibly last minute restoration by God of his strength, He was able to finally fight for his people against the evil, rebellious Philistines.     Samson is buried up on the mountain he lived on.  To the left is a photo of a “dollhouse version” of his tomb carved into a rock up on the mountain he lived on.

After spending years indulging in selfish pursuits with Philistine woman, including Delilah and a woman from the town of Timnah, he finally begins to live for others.

Unfortunately,  it took his own enslavement, blindness, and pain to finally open his eyes to God’s grace for his rebellion.  It wasn’t until he felt the pain of Philistine cruelty himself that he was compelled to help others.

To the right is a photo showing the view from the mountain where Solomon lived. The lower country

is where the Philistines lived. That means that he could see them most of the time. The cruelty was right in front of him daily and yet he refused to engage.   Christians need to engage in the hurt and pain all around them. God is calling us all to help those who are hurting and speak up against evil in it’s many forms.

Solomon spent his life in self-indulgence until he finally learned the power of self sacrifice. It’s when we serve others, we find our ultimate purpose.

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