Evangelical activist Gary Bauer explains his decision to endorse John McCain in today’s Washington Times, but it reads like one more reminder that conservatives just aren’t feelin’ it:

In the wake of John McCain’s Tsunami Tuesday victories and Mitt Romney’s consequent withdrawal from the presidential sweepstakes, a reality has emerged that conservatives must accept: John McCain will be the Republican Party’s nominee.
But for more than a few conservatives, this reality seems too bitter to abide. Some have suggested that they would sooner sit out the general election, or vote for an nonviable third-party candidate, than vote for Arizona’s senior senator. Other key conservatives have threatened to become “suicide voters” and pull the lever for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in order to send a message to the Republican Party.
As a conservative Republican, I respect those who seek ideological purity from the man who would lead our party. But it is also as a conservative Republican that I respectfully ask conservatives to consider these crucial numbers before they abandon Mr. McCain.

Not exactly dripping with enthusiasm, is it?


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