hillary3.jpgThe New York Times makes the important and somehow overlooked point that Hillary Clinton is dominating among Catholic voters, a constituency whose record picking presidential winners has few rivals:

Hillary Rodham Clinton has run away with the votes of Roman Catholic Democrats in nearly all the primaries, often beating Barack Obama by two to one or better, exit polls show. In New York, she received 66 percent of the Catholic vote to his 30 percent.
….The Catholic scorecard: five Republican and three Democratic presidents, and one popular-vote-winning but presidency-losing Democrat, Al Gore.
No other large group has switched sides so often, or been so consistently aligned with the winners. Over that same period, a majority of white Protestants typically voted Republican, while blacks of all faiths and Jews strongly backed Democrats.

The Times’ explanation for Clinton’s popularity with Catholics, meanwhile, leaves something to be desired:

So why Mrs. Clinton? Catholics are scattered across the American landscape, with the sun having long set on the empire of the parish, a source of boundary and social identity. No single explanation for Mrs. Clinton’s current success could credibly cover enough ground.


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