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I usually do these on my personal blog, but was feeling inspired so…

I am grateful for…

1) The woman on the subway platform who said how beautiful the colors of my yoga mat and totebag looked together this morning. Green mat, purple bag. Woman after my own heart, noticing the magic of a particularly good and surprising color combo. And woman who inspires me by actually saying that out loud to a stranger. And grateful to be the kind of stranger that strangers talk to.

2) A recent moment in yoga class when I was in the middle of being all inexplicably teary and sad in a twist and then looked out the window and noticed, wham: Trees with leaves! Such gorgeous softness when those boney branches put on their fluttering mini scarves. I was flooded with relief, and shift, and a knowing that all is ok. Spring.

3) Counter Culture organic coffee

4) Being brought daisies and sea salt chocolate just because

5) Tom’s shoes

6) Looking forward to yoga class tonight. I’ve been going to nice-nice, gentle, deliberate yoga lately and I’m psyched for some not-so-nice sweaty vinyasa that will let me just FLOW.

7) The notion of pinxing–anti-jinxing–it’s actually working really well so far

8) Cutting my own bangs last night and not having it be a total disaster. I can see!

9) Noticing myself being impatient and snippy with someone texting and walking in front of me in the subway. And then thinking, Is this how I would treat my boyfriend? My closest friends? Would I be totally ashamed to be caught dramatically sighing and saying, “Excuse me,” as though it was another two-word phrase that rhymes with “cluck moo”? Yeah, that’s just not how I want to be in the world. Yet, alas, the gap between who I want to be and how I am. And I’m also  grateful for the idea that we can fill that gap with compassion for our very-human selves. 

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