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sylvia boorstein
“When the mind is clear, behavior is always impeccable.” — Sylvia Boorstein

So, so true. Or at least it vastly improves your chances of impeccability….

I heart Sylvia Boorstein. A Buddhist teacher for 30 years, she’s written many books on things like kindness, mindfulness, meditation, and happiness. Her writing is smart and incredibly good at explaining the subtle complexities of living with compassion and heart in easy-to-digest language.

At 73, she no longer whirls around the country teaching, so it’s exciting that she’ll be offering a month long online workshop starting March 15th in lovingkindness.

The course, taught in conjunction with Spirituality and Practice, will cover the meaning of “lovingkindness,” or metta, a practice of consciously cultivating love in our hearts for ourselves and all beings. “I like thinking of it as a friendliness practice,” Sylvia writes in a press release for the event, “the cultivation of a mind that is so saturated with good will that it responds uniformly to all situations with benevolence.”

You’ll get to do the retreat via email, an audio component, live evening teleconferences (moderated by James Kullander, a longtime part of the Omega Institute), and an online forum to share experiences with other students. This is the heart of their pitch: “This Lovingkindness Online Retreat will help you live with ease and less confusion. Offered during Easter and Passover, it is a perfect way to integrate the wisdom of a profound Buddhist practice into these holy days in the Christian and Jewish traditions, offering you a well-rounded and expansive view of a universal human desire to love and to love well.”

I’m sold. And nope, not getting a kickback. Just think this could be a sweet, cleansing way to start spring.

It’s $50 and runs from March 15th – April 9th. To sign up or learn more, click here.  

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