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Though I love blogs and read all my news online, I still think there’s nothing like a good, glossy magazine. Yesterday as I was returning from a work trip to D.C., I was contentedly curled up with InStyle, luxuriating in the deliciously guilty pleasures of cute new spring fashions, celebrity homes, and stunning paint colors. I had a flash of self-consciousness when someone sat sown next to me, but then I thought “Eff it, this is my bubble bath.”

So maybe InStyle isn’t the apex of a healthy lifestyle, but plenty of other magazines can truly support us on our paths to living healthier, more uplifted lives. And the notion that they’re becoming extinct (sniff) makes me very sad. So here’s a quick rundown of my faves–if we support them, they’ll support us.

My favorite healthy, life-affirming magazines, in no particular order:

1) Body + Soul. Smart articles, gorgeous photographs, and always an idea, tip, or recipe I can use.

2) Natural Health (Full disclosure: I’ve written for it). In depth health and lifestyle coverage from a hilsitic–yet balanced–perspective.

3) O, the Oprah Magazine. A couple of months ago they ran a great article on a woman feeling better through Bikram yoga and they always have something that reminds me of who I am and where I want to go. Plus pretty shiny things to buy.

4)  Women’s Health (also have written for them). Though the “Blast Your Belly” cover lines irritate me (blasting is the last thing our tender bellies need), thay have fantastic health coverage, are vigilant about accuracy, and always give me a new tidbit I can use.

5) Natural Home. Curious about organic linens, flattering eco lighting, or flowers sans pesticides? This is what you want to read.

What are your faves?

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