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flowers.jpgIt’s not officially spring yet, but it sure does feel like it.  Sunshine, temperatures above 45 degrees, and bulbs peeking out of the no-longer-frozen ground all have me feeling fabulous, alive, and like the air suddenly has more oxygen in it.

This spurt of joyous energy has me wondering about SAD (seasonal affective disorder, that thing that makes us feel blue in wintertime–click here for how to recognize SAD).  I didn’t think I had a particularly SAD winter–I haven’t been felled by constant colds or flu, I kept up my exercise routine, and I ate a fairly nutritious diet even in the season of comfort food. 

But this week, I feel so wonderful, that by comparison the winter seems like a bleak, gray blur.  So here’s my question – does a happy spring mean you had a SAD winter?  Or is spring joy something that finds us all, no matter how well we stayed warm when the snow was falling?

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