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The Massachusetts Election in Perspective

Even though polls were pointing in this direction, I still feel stunned today by Republican Scott Brown’s defeat of Democrat Martha Coakley in yesterday’s special election here in Massachusetts.  Stunned because I had deep personal respect for Ted Kennedy.  Stunned because people bought the “I’ll rise above politics” line Brown toted.  And stunned because  the symbolic tenor of the election doesn’t seem to have a ceiling.

Time will tell, but I think the “this-election-will-make-or-break-health-care-reform” argument on both sides was something of a straw man.  With Brown’s election, Democrats will still have an 18-vote majority in the Senate…and the “super-majority” they’ve enjoyed for the past year hasn’t resulted in a viable health care bill.  But there’s that symbolic tenor again, about the desire for change (a different change from last year’s change), the end of eras and Kennedys, and the perceived general weakness of Democrats.  


Sigh, this is all making me sad and fretful, so I think this is a moment to just let Jon Stewart speak for me.  Preach on, brother.

Daily Show: Mass Backwards – Watch more Politics Videos at Vodpod.

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  • EdwinForProgressOrg

    You Favored Lieberman Over Kennedy’s Memory And Lost Massachusetts

  • http://pleased hully

    I’m pleased with what i know about scott brown so far. of course for me obama’s health “reform” plan is a scary one.

  • Tammy

    Why don’t you just get over the fact that the American people are tired of all the bs going on right now with the current administration. I don’t know what makes you think that just because a Democrat held this office for a long time, that a Republican wasn’t allowed to take that seat. I think the people have spoken and for the better. Get over it…..

  • Kathy

    The Scott Brown win in Massachusetts was a SWEET victory for ALL of the PEOPLE of America. The elite congress and arrogant president have NOT LISTENED to what the people have had to say. They insulted the Tea Party-goes and call Republicans “stupid.” They deserve to lose this seat. And how ironic that it’s Ted Kennedy’s seat, in the bluest of blue states that will KILL this horrific healthcare (take over your life) bill. Thank you Massachusetts for giving us #41 by waking up and sending Washington a message. The brides, backdoor deals, lies and deceptions are over. It’s time for balanced budgets and term limits. The sequel to Tea Party II will happen all across American in November 2010. Listen UP congress — YOU WORK FOR US! WE DON’T WORK FOR YOU. This is the people’s seat. The people have spoken. Thank you Massachusetts for SAVING our GREAT COUNTRY. God Bless AMERICA!
    Lastly, how DARE Obama make fun of Scott Brown’s truck…It’s a GM (GOVERNMENT MOTORS) truck. You own it now, idiot. Don’t you want your company to be successful? Obviously not. At least he bought AMERICAN MADE. How many politicians drive American made trucks? Not many, I bet! What hypocrites!

  • Kathy
  • The non-rich are going down

    When will we realize that we the people are loosing our country to Big Corporations? What chance do we have when our Supreme Court rules that they can pay unlimited amounts to Political campaigns All but a few of our politicians are bought and paid for. They do not vote for the people that elect them they vote for the highest bidder. My God in Heaven only the very richest people will control our country and the rest of us will be working slaves. Look at your pay check (if you have one), look at the homeless, look at the people in soup kitchens we are not that far away. Look at the profits big companies are making, when we are lucky enough to find a job we are offered far less than what the job was worth years ago. Are you happy with the co-pays on your insurance? The premiums are so high there is little left to save for the next lay off. And so down down we go, how far we go only the BIG corporations know.

  • Jose

    I agree, the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting much worse. Americans on the job are still getting paid peanuts, and the CEO’s are being rewarded millions. How about that! Mr. Obama, keep dividing the wealth and see if the richer really like that. Americans do you like working to just get by. Think about that too.



  • CURTISArline

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