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Bram Stoker (you know, the author of Dracula), once said, “How blessed are some people, whose lives have no fears, no dreads. To
whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly, and brings nothing but
sweet dreams.”  I wish I were among those people–although I’m not sure such folk actually exist, at least not every night.

The fact is, sometimes we have bad dreams, whether because something’s weighing on your mind, something’s lurking in your unconscience, or some image got seared into your brain without your knowledge. 

So how do you chase away a bad dream?  Some put up dream catchers, a beautiful Native American tradition that is meant to ensnare bad dreams before they can project on your sleeping brain’s big screen.  Others take a less spiritual tack, and adopt better sleep hygiene in an attempt to calm the synapses into sweet sleep.

But this morning, I came across the sweetest idea on the always-amazing Color Me Katie blog.  It seems she was having bad dreams, and decided that since rain always relaxes her, she’d create–with colored paper and tape, no less–a comforting rainscape on the wall behind her bed.

RaindropWalls.jpgShe reports no bad dreams since she put this up!  Nice.  Very nice.

How do you chase away bad dreams?

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