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Our sister blogger Therese Borchard at Beyond Blue inspires us day after day.  Her brave honesty about depression, anxiety, and recovery has helped so many people–often by cracking us up and reminding us that humor heals too.

She and her husband Eric just released a video produced by ShareWik in which they talk about how holiday depression affects their marriage, and how they cope with it.  I was particularly moved by Therese’s analogy of Christmas as being like a sunny day–carrying with it higher pressure to be happy.  And Eric’s ability to listen openly and learn from what Therese needs to cope–and support her in that work–is as genuinely loving as it gets. 

Watch and be inspired–not in an insipid “it’s all going to be fine” kind of way, but in an “it’s hard, but we will make it…and you can too” kind of way that will stay with you long after the video is finished.

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