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sadgingerbreadman.jpgThe holidays are a stressful time.  Whoa, what a revelation, right?  So if stress is a given in December, all that we can do is try to control how much we let the negative aspects of stress get inside our brains and bodies. 

So ask yourself this:  are you happily dashing through the snow this holiday season, or are you tempted to throttle the next Salvation Army Santa you see if he doesn’t stop ringing that infernal bell?

To find out how you’re keeping it together amid the hustle and bustle, try our new quiz: What’s Your Holiday Stress Level?

Here’s a sample question to whet your whistle:

1. You will be spending time with your family, and the prospect of
gathering all those different personalities under one roof makes you

  • Hopeful. You know there will be at least one or two you’re happy to see.
  • Dreadful. You’d rather be Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone.”
  • Nervous. Where there’s family, there’s a fiasco.
  • Thrilled. Families and holidays are meant to go together.

Click here to take the whole holiday stress quiz!

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