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I’ve been all internally drama-rama lately and in the midst of a particularly turmoil night over the weekend, I decided on three things I need to do to get myself unstuck. Top of the list? Meditate. It is simply the only thing I know that creates essential airspace between my brain and my mind.

If that sounds weird, what I mean is, it’s like I can scoot back just far enough to observe not just my thoughts but my patterns and dynamics and triggers instead of just being carried down the river willy-nilly. Whoosh. But I also know I’m a resistant little thing. So I made a deal: 10 minutes a day, no more, no less. And do it first thing in the morning. It’s a fabulous trick because I’m too slow to make up excuses in that drowsy half-lucid state. I’m allowed to pee, but not brush my teeth. And then I set my cell phone alarm and sit and breathe.

It’s the same idea as writing morning pages–taking full advantage of your mind in its least guarded, resistant, fearful state. I do nothing fancy, just keep gently returning to my breath every time I catch myself wandering. And so far, it’s lovely. And I’m re-realizing, essential as popping my vitamins and taking a shower.

Do you have a morning meditation ritual? Do share!

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