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ryan460.jpgIn one of my yoga classes there’s a woman who makes, shall we say, pleasure noises with each posture.

No, not little mms or the usual exhales. We’re talking “I’ll have what she’s having” noises. Deep moans, low sighs, ecstatic aaahhhs. It’s a little amusing, but most mornings it’s really annoying–I’m so glad for her yummy experience, and so don’t want to hear it at 7am unless it’s me and Rodney Yee on a mat far, far away.

But other than use this as a regular opportunity to be present despite external circumstances that stir up aversion, what’s a yogi to do?

Well, the Yoga Dork blog amusingly addresses this exact issue and more in a new weekly “Yogacist” column that’s loads of useful fun. For this one they suggest keeping your distance or telling the teacher–not bad suggestions but one more reason I’m grateful not to be a yoga instructor! “Uh, Meg, could you stick to the Darth Vader breathing? Namaste!” 

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