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sun1.jpgIt’s that time of year ago here in four-seasons land: “Brr, it’s too cold to get out of bed!” So what’s a warm-blooded, East Coast dwelling human to do? Here are a few thoughts for luring yourself into the day when it seems insane to your toasty, blanket-wrapped body to do so:

1) Keep a pair of slippers by the bed. Preferably fluffy, fuzzy or in some way adorable. My pink piggie slippers make me almost want to put my feet on the floor.

2) Fill the kettle the night before. Make sure your electric or stove kettle has fresh ready-to-boil water in it, thus limiting the time you spend bouncing up and down while it boils for your tea or coffee.

3) Try a few rounds of heat-building yogic breathing before getting up. Agni-Prasana breathing, or breath of fire, involves sitting up (still blankie-swathed, of course), and making repeated exhales by drawing in your diaphragm. (See here for more info on the breath of fire.)

4) Oatmeal! Check out Holly’s list of the health benefits of oatmeal


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