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wasabi_bath.jpgI know, we’re living fresh-ish–it’s all “Sparkling water with lemon, please!” But sometimes the ice cold beer or tasty sake-tini or simple a glass of antioxidant-rich wine just calls. And calls, and calls…. I know for me, since chemo, any more than two drinks and I am an absolute headachey, room-spinny mess with a very bad next day ahead.

So! What’s a natural girl to do when she’s kicked back too many organic vodkas? Well our friends at HuffPost Living have put together a list of natural hangover cures–and it includes a few I’ve never seen. Among the usuals like sleep and water, there’s asparagus (“boosts key enzymes responsible for breaking down alcohol in your system”), artichokes (possibly has “liver renewing” effects–hmm), and my personal new favorite, the hot wasabi bath.

The bath instructions are not clear, but it sounds like you put some wasabi powder in a hot tub and soak away the booze. They say it has special nutrients, which I don’t doubt, but I imagine it also simply heats the body slightly, which would help you sweat the hooch out of your system. And there’s even this amazing-looking wasabi hangover bath kit (pictured) to help you along. Who knew?

 Got any of your own natural hangover remedies to share?

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