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angelstatue.jpgOne night years ago, I was driving home on a quiet, dark road. I was bearing right, a small cement island to my left. Suddenly, twin headlights blazed straight at me. If we were cartoon cars we’d be about to kiss. “Wow, it’s going to hit me,” I thought in slo-mo. It was. No time, no space except for the pocket within time and space that makes time feel much longer than it is when something freaky is happening.

Except instead of following apparent rules of physics, the car missed me. It didn’t appear to go up onto the island, nor did it really swerve. If I had to describe it without heed to “logic,” I’d say it squeezed past me–as in, both cars got skinnier and longer like we really were cartoon vehicles and went right by each other. Swoosh.

As my heart flapped wildly back into my chest I had this skin-crawly, odd feeling that something had happened. The word “angel” floated into my brain. Not usually given to such thoughts, but truly, “saved by an angel” was how it felt. I’ve since tucked it into my mental “spiritual evidence” file. Proof in the form of feeling and experience that we are in the company of realms most of us can’t see; something sometimes has our back. 

So I thought I’d open it up to the crowd: Have you ever felt saved or touched by divine intervention?

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