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Thumbnail image for soulstorage.jpgIn the new movie “Cold Souls,” actor Paul Giamatti plays a character whose spirit is represented by a chickpea. In a very funny interview in this week’s New Yorker, he riffs on what various famous people’s souls might look like–Donald Trump is “a nice set of whitewall tires;” Kissinger is a doorknob; Dolly Parton a hummingbird; and the Pope, “…a glass of water…refreshing the people. maybe it’s a bottomless glass.” His own in real life is a “hand-painted ceramic toad.”

The movie has a hilarious marketing campaign in the form of fake ads from The Soul Storage Company (“Unburdening Made Easy”). Love it!  

So of course this got me thinking, what object would represent my soul? It might be an everlasting gobstopper, with layers of colors for a good long while and then a center of…? What is at the center of an everlasting gobstobber–or is it infinte? Whoa, dude. Anyway.

What’s your soul look like?  

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