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decision.jpgFish or cut bait?  Yes or no?  Left or right?  Soup or salad?  Yep, I’m thinking about decisions, how we make them, and how we live peacefully with them after they’re made.

With my move looming, I’ve been thinking (and writing) about this a lot.  But I was blown away by the simple wisdom of a comment  a reader left on The Huffington Post when our Beyond Blue blog sister Therese Borchard posted there about my post on how to get past cold feet.  Astute reader “RugbyMom” said this about how to be in harmony with your decisions (to get married, to break up, to buy a house, to take a job, et al) after you’ve made them:

“Once you’ve decided, don’t revisit. Don’t waste time obsessing over
“what if’s” on decisions that are already gone and done. I waste so
much energy on those — many of them decisions 20 or 30 years in my
past. It’s done. Let go. You did the best you could at the time. Or
maybe you didn’t, but life gave you a second or third or fifteenth
chance anyway.”

Thanks, RugbyMom, for the gift of a deep breath and some perspective.

And Fresh Living readers, please share – when you make a decision, do you “what if” yourself into oblivion, or do you shut the door on the decision and let it go?

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