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My brain has been buzzing through work and life and tasks and thoughts and feelings and exercise and talking and walking all week. And it is tired. Friday, or Fried-day as I like to call it is often like the last day of school before summer, every week. So what’s a girl to do to get through it? How does anyone buck up and keep on any day of the week? Here are some tried-and true end-of week or end-of-day, relatively healthy pick-me-ups. By healthy I mean not cookies and coffee, in the long run using caffeine to boost yourself will drain your adrenals and ultimately deplete your system. Do share your own below.

1) Go for a walk around the block.

2) Eat an apple.

3) Go in a quiet, empty room, close the door, tuen out the lights and feel your breath moving through you.

4) Take a short nap if you can.

5) Slip out for a pedicure.

6) Complete one task that’s been nagging you–you might get a boost from relieved tension.

7) Grab an iPod, find that empty room, lock the door and rock out for five minutes.

8) Lie on the floor and do a progressive relaxation–imagine your feet totally letting go, your ankles, you calves, etc.

9) Look at pretty pictures. Nature photos, cute puppies, bright colors. 

10) Eat a handful of nuts.

11) Wash your hands and face.

12) Make a list about quick afternoon pick-me-ups and publish it to the world.

What do you do when your energy flags but you have to keep on?  

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