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sun1.jpgThe developed world just might be divided into two groups: breakfast believers and non-believers. Some find morning meals unpleasant–their stomachs aren’t awake enough to be hungry or they don’t like breakfast food (!) or they’re trying to save calories for other things. The converts, though, have read the studies after studies that say breakfast improves cognition, speeds along weight loss, and generally makes for a more balanced, functional day. Or they just love an excuse for cereal glorious cereal. My bias is clearly laid bare–I adore my multi-grain toast with almond butter, creamed honey, and a banana. Or some yogurt and berries. Or Uncle Sam’s cereal. Or a hard-boiled egg with dulse flakes. Or a smoothie with whatever’s in the fridge. Yum.

Which are you and why? If you’re a breakfast eater, what’s your usual spread?

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