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Over at Beliefnet’s “Everyday Ethics” blog, Hillary Fields wrote a beautiful piece today we thought you might enjoy. It’s on whether it’s actually unethical to live a life that’s not true to who you are.

Some snippets:

“I value nature: I live in the heart of NYC. I value contemplation: I choose to have CNN or MSNBC (or All My Children) droning in my ear all day long to keep me company while I work…

So it occurred to me to wonder: Is it unethical to treat this sacred and fragile life I’ve been given with such callous disregard?…
“Were I the guardian of someone else’s life, I wouldn’t treat it the way I am treating my own. I’d feel obliged to make something special of it, treat its body and its spirit with respect, like a gracious host should.” 
It’s a really fantastic question, perhaps the question. This notion of fulfilling our dharma, becoming our most actualized selves, being externally congruent with our true essence–not as some sort of navel-gazing trip, but for the sake of humanity. What would our planet look like if we all followed our bliss? What if we treated ourselves with the compassion we often tender to others? Would it be chaos? Unwashed dishes? Heart-bursting beauty? Fathomless calm?
As Mary Oliver wrote, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do/with your one wild and precious life?”
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