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sun1.jpgI started drooling when I saw in this month’s Everyday Food the idea to top toast with wilted spinach and a delightfully oozy soft-boiled egg.  A vibrant patch of ready-to-pick spinach in my garden sealed the deal, and this morning, deliciousness ensued. 


I used 12-grain bread, which tasted lovely and nutty and crunchy against the soft spinach and egg. Instead of sauteing the spinach like the magazine called for (can you tell I didn’t want to dirty 2 pans?), I just gave it a dunk in the water I boiled the egg in, then gently blotted it between paper towels so it didn’t sog the toast.

Here’s how I soft-boil an egg: I place it in boiling water, turn the heat down to low, and let it sit uncovered for 5 minutes.  Crack and peel off the top of the shell and scoop out the yum.

Happy Foodie Friday, everyone!


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