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Though the product has not been recalled, federal regulators are warning consumers that using the popular homeopathic cold remedy Zicam might be dangerous–or permanently harmful–to your sense of smell.  The New York Times reported on the warnings sent from the Food and Drug Administration to Matrixx, the company that manufactures Zicam, a zinc-heavy formula that comes in nasal spray, gel, swab forms.

The Times describes as “highly unusual” Matrixx’s refusal to recall their product given the strong warnings of the F.D.A. regarding 130 Zicam users reported suffered serious and long term anosmia (loss of the sense of smell) after using the product.

Note: Zicam, because it’s a homeopathic product, does not require F.D.A. approval to remain on store shelves. 

Click here to read the full F.D.A. letter to Matrixx.

Do you use Zicam?  Will you continue to? 

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