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IMG_0063.JPGBrava to Diana Butler Bass over at our sister blog Progressive Revival for her eloquent post on how important and meaningful it is to find a room of one’s own – a little corner of the world that is a solace, a retreat, a place of peace.

From her post (click here to read the whole thing):

“My family lives in a typical 1960s house in the Washington
DC suburbs, and I work at home. 
“Typical 1960s house” equals small and no closets.  As a result, my books were taking over
and there wasn’t much space to write. 
We decided to move my job to the backyard.  Thus was born “Mom’s writing cottage,” a 150 square-foot
white clapboard house with green trim and a window box.  In recent weeks, my daughter and I
planted flowers all around making the tiny house literally bloom with
creativity–not to mention a plethora of purple pansies.…”

Oh, a writing cottage surrounded with purple pansies.  Yes, please.  I first learned the idea of “a room of one’s own” from my mother’s “sitting room,” a little room behind her bedroom that has a door, pink wallpaper, lots of potted plants, a wide desk, and a wall of windows.  Then in high school I read Virginia Woolf’s classic and understood it even more deeply.  It is a beautiful, basic human need, I think.

What’s your “room of one’s own?”  Do you have a special retreat space?

(image via my garden!)

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