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ultimateveggieburger.jpgLast weekend I cooked. I’m more of an “assembler,” generally–salads; bowls of rice, beans, seweed; pasta with side of broccoli. But in my effort to become more of a food alchemist, I picked up my copy of the amazing Heidi Swanson’s “Super Natural Cooking,” and turned to the Ultimate Veggie Burger recipe.

It’s not vegan, but for me the eggs just mean I’m squeezing in some extra protein. And it’s mainly chickpeas (she suggests sprouted but I just used canned), eggs, cilantro, whole wheat bread crumbs, sprouts (I used alfalfa) and lemon rind. So easy and delicious. It made 12 burgers, so I ate them every night this week with a big sprouty salad and some mozzarella. Delightful!

Oh and on her site (and in the photo, left), she has the genius solution to dry veggie burgers–you turn the patty itself into the bun! And stuff your fave toppings in between.

Here’s the whole veggie burger recipe. It will also give you the chance to check out Heidi’s really great site if you haven’t–101 Cookbooks.

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