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molly_wexley.jpgEarlier this week a 400-pound, one-year-old cow escaped as she was being hauled into a Queens slaughterhouse. According to the New York Post, she ran several blocks before being caught and pulled into a home’s backyard.

After the press caught wind of it, the slaughterhouse owners were inundated with offers to give Molly a long, happy life. Aw. One of the owners told the Post, “It was overwhelming the number of farms that reached out to us that wanted to provide a quality home.”

As of yesterday Molly lives on “The Farm,” a spread on Long Island that grows organic vegetables and is run by vegetarians. Molly also met her new friend, a lonely steer named Wexley. And as only the post can put it: “The bovine pair will be like Romeo and Moo-liet, minus the passion. ‘He’s been neutered, so they are just going to have to be good friends,’ Farr said.” Double aw. Here’s the full article on Molly the cow, with video.

[Image via New York]

(Thanks, Dena, for the heads up!) 

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