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ducksandsoap.jpgThis week, I found myself having several conversations about a decidedly heavy, negative, upsetting topic.  I was talking to spiritually-oriented friend about it, and she advised me to take care to protect myself before and cleanse myself after these conversations.

Say a blessing of protection before you go into the conversations, she advised.  And as soon as possible, take a shower afterward.  My friend knows me, knows that I am a sensitive body (and that I’ve caught three different respiratory viruses this spring), so she had my attention.

I started thinking about all the toxic energies that swirl around us in everyday interactions, conversations, life.  Blessing ourselves before and cleansing ourselves after feels like a really useful intention to carry through any day.  Let’s come up with more ways to accomplish it!

How do you self-protect?  How do you cleanse?  Looking forward to your ideas.

Here’s something to get us started: 10 Ways to Transform Toxic Thoughts.

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