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This is a lovely quote about having compassion for people most in need of it:

“What we do from joy expresses love; what we do from fear calls for love.” — Alan Cohen

It’s so easy to forget that most of the crappy things humans do are from fear, and as such, are actually calls for love. That nasty comment-spewing person on your morning commute, they need love. The line-cutter at the grocery store–yep, needing the love. Maybe we don’t risk the black eye by reaching out in those moments, but we can always send a loving thought their way. And not from a place of smug superiority, but a place of, “Man, I know what that suffering must be like in there. I wish you well.”

And when we lob harsh thoughts and unkind words at ourselves–those are perfect opportunities to set down the sword we may not have even known we were carrying and take a moment, and, say something like, “I love you, kid. You’re alright and everything’s going to be ok.” Then things can soften, open, and move us along.

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