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trampolinewoman.jpgThat’s what a couple of people have asked me lately. It’s a bad sign that my mind goes blank and I just blink, right? Um, fun? Ohhh, fuuun. And a friend just posted to Facebook: “X is tired of being so hard on herself. She would like to be responsible, organized, and still have fun. There hasn’t been nearly enough fun lately.” I am with her. And study after study and a new spate of books have come out about the healing power of play, spontaneous downtime, real joy, flow.

Presuming I’m not the only fun-stunted grown-up out there–it seems like fun is the first thing to go when people are stressed, especially about cash–I’ve made a list for you and me on how to have more fun. (Fun is obviously subjective, though–one woman’s puzzle is another woman’s nightmare–so these are just ideas to inspire.)

50 Ways to Have More Fun

1) Bounce on a trampoline

2) Watch 30 Rock on

3) Make a list of music you’d love to hear live. Get tickets.

4) Pull together your friends and/or family for a jamboree–of homemade and real instruments

5) Go dancing

6) Book a cheap flight

7) Relax in a hammock

8) Go swimming

9) Check off a few items on your life list

10) Make a life list

11) Go to the zoo

12) Find one un-fun thing you can NOT do and don’t do it

13) Read a juicy novel

14) Write a juicy novel

15) Go bowling

16) Do bumper cars

17) Draw

18) Fingerpaint

19) Invent a new dessert. Share.

20) Make a stuffed animal

21) Create an altar

22) Play ball–basket, base, tennis, dodge

23) Run

24) Take a froofy scented bath

25)  Get on a boat

26) Adopt a goat

27) Visit a farm

28) Take a guided tour

29) Go to a museum you would never normally consider

30) Walk a dog (borrow if you need to)

31) Visit someone you love. Or invite them to visit you.

32) Paint a mural

33) Learn to stand on your head

34) Cuddle

35) Go for a picnic–on your living room floor if need be

36) Visit

37) Have a progressive potluck with your neighbors

38) Make raw chocolate

39) Ride a bike

40) Play frisbee

41) Have an afternoon tea party where everyone has to wear a hat

42) Make your own ice cream sandwiches

43) Make your own ice cream with an ice cream ball

44) Hop on a train or a bus and go somewhere you’ve never been–within an hour of your home

45) Go to a make-your-own-pottery place

46) Buy a fruit or vegetable you’ve never had (like Buddha’s Hand)

47) Have a clothing swap with friends

48)  Have a house swap with strangers

49) Make a music mix. Groove.

50) Have a poetry reading

What do you do for fun? 


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