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WorkdayYoga.jpgThe latest in our series of yoga galleries asks you to make today “Take Your Yoga to Work Day.”  I am particularly excited about this feature because it’s by Liz Owen, my own wonderful yoga teacher (her gentle Iyengar class is my most-looked-forward-to hour of the week).  And, because I took the photos for the gallery at my desk, I really believe in her main message: yoga at work is possible, beneficial, and fun!  From her introduction:

“In between meetings and conference calls, day care and doctor’s appointments, each of these poses will draw your senses away from the
outside world and help you look within to find peace and renewed energy
from the moment you wake up until the end of the day.”

So please explore and enjoy the 12 yoga poses for your workday, from Mountain Pose at the bus stop to Cow-Face Pose for a mid-morning computer break to Tree Pose for an afternoon refresher.

Please also check out Liz’s other insightful, uplifting yoga galleries:

And share – do you yoga at work?  Do your colleagues look at you funny, or do they not even notice?

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