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gonebananas.jpgI heart TJ’s. I love their commitment to natural foods, friendly service, great prices, and the incredible deliciousness of the TJ’s house-brand foods (not to mention those expandable sponges!). We only recently got the stores in NYC and the one nearish me in Brooklyn is actually shop-able (read: the line is less than an hour on weekends.)

Though all of the above keep me shopping there, what makes me need to shop there is Gone Bananas! their creamy, dreamy chocolaty, deeply satisfying choco-covered frozen bananas. At 160 calories, three main ingredients (banana chocolate, sunflower oil), they’re a reasonably healthy, incredibly yum-o snack.

You can check out the nutritional info for Gone Bananas and more TJ’s foods (and other packaged foods) at The Daily Plate on

What are your most beloved TJ’s snacks?

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